Check out my interviews on the Reedsy Bestseller Podcast (season three) for some fun stories about author life, writing, family, and publication.

Like how Haelo’s story came to be, or about the time I wrote t***waffle in a book, thinking it was nothing more than an odd, hilarious word, and my editor was forced to enlighten my poor, naive vocabulary. 

About Me

In a letter to Mrs. Broyles, my third grade teacher, my eight-year-old-self declared I would be a writer. That desire was shadowed by other dreams and goals, and by college was forgotten. In my last few semesters, while in an elective creative writing course, I started writing Haelo, a terrible rough draft that still makes me blush.

I graduated with a Bachelors from BYU-Hawai’i in World Music Studies, studying composition (the surprisingly useful hippie degree), and then an MPA in Public Policy from Grand Canyon University (the practical degree).

Though writing novels is my go-to creative outlet, life stays pretty busy with motherhood to my three minions, various music gigs, church service, and home renovating. I live in my dear home state of Arizona with my incredible husband and three kids, and only sometimes wish we were back in Hawai’i. 

My dream job, (besides writing novels from a hammock in the forest, of course) would be movie score composing. I’m a total fan girl for Hans Zimmer and Martin Phipps.

I’m also a sucker for watermelon, chips & salsa, and a great pair of aviator sunglasses.