A few questions to kick start a book discussion.

Questions to rethink after each book:

What do you think Haelo’s biggest fear is?

What do you think Dagger’s biggest fear is?

What do you think Massaude’s biggest fear is?

What are Haelo’s trauma responses? How does she change with each new traumatic experience? (Deaths of those close to her, her part in other people’s deaths, abandonment, choices taken away, torture, etc)

Hiding Haelo

If you were Haelo, would you have made the same decisions?

Why, of all hobbies and interests, do you think Haelo gravitates to math and photography? What is it about math and statistics that would be comforting to Haelo? What is it about photography that would appeal to her?

If you’ve gone back and read Hiding Haelo for a second time, were you thinking about Dagger’s point of view, his whereabouts, or his thoughts during the first part of the book (before Haelo is aware of his purpose in her life)? What is his life really like? What about Sam’s point of view, knowing now that he was supposed to steer Haelo away from the empire but didn’t do a great job?

How do you think the romance would have played out if Haelo and Dagger decided to be with each other in Hiding Haelo (book 1)? What were their feelings/attraction based on at the end of Hiding Haelo? How would their feelings toward each other have changed if they ignored or left their responsibilities to be with each other?

Haelo Hunted

In Haelo Hunted (book 2), Haelo eventually forgives Prince Griffin for his actions at the end of Hiding Haelo (book 1). What circumstances allowed her to forgive him?

Do you think Haelo and her father Jade will be able to fully restore their relationship? Do you think Malia (Jade’s new wife) and little Keli are good for Jade, or does their new family feel like a betrayal to you as a reader?

What about the Makole’s stories, legends, and history supports the Candeon’s view of history, and what them feels like missing information, or suspicious, or otherwise suspect?

What are the best parts and the hardest parts of Haelo and Lauryn’s relationship?

How do you feel about Kingston? Did he ever love Haelo, or do you believe he was playing her the whole time? What do you think his life has been like since his parent’s death? Since he betrayed Haelo?

What reasons or feelings do you think Haelo is thinking about when she agrees (again) to marry Griffin at the end of book 2?

Do you think the Candeon Empire would have had been at risk for civil war if Haelo and Griffin did not commit to each other? If so, who would have taken advantage of that risk and what would they have done? If not, how would the empire have to change to accept the new normal?

Haelo Rising

How is Neo’s life changing? What do you think he’ll do with his future? What are you thoughts about Neo and Haelo’s relationship?

What do you think is going on in Massáude’s head? What are his motivations? What are his fears? Do you think he has any personality disorder or mental illness that contributes to the way he sees the world and his place in it?

Where do you think Haelo’s powers come from? (Her extra aura/emotion sensing powers, and her newest super powers?) Hereditary? Fate? Catalyst?

If Haelo and Griffin had a real chance at a real marriage, and were able to have children and lead the Candeon Empire for decades, do you think they would have been happy? Do you think they would have loved each other?