Here are a few name pronunciations. There are found in the back of newer copies of the books. If you have the ebooks, you can remove the book from your device (not your library) and re-download it to see the updated version with this guide in the back.

Basileus: (Bah-SILL-ee-us), from an ancient Greek word for a king or emperor.

Basileus Agothos: (Bah-SILL-ee-us A-go-THOHs) from the Greek word agathe/a, which means “good.”

Beilstein: (BAYL-shtine, BAYL-stine), a jade mined in Germany.

Galana: (Gah-LAH-nah) from the Greek word galanos, which means “blue.”

Gevgenis: (Gev-JEN-iss) Americanized from the Greek word Evgenis, which means “noble.”

Griffin: mythical creature

Ho’onani I Ka Makua Mau: A hymn, translated in Hawai’ian. Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow. Also known as Doxology.

Karchardeus: (Kar-KAR-dee-us) from the Greek word Karcharias, which means “shark.”

Keakahana: (Kay-ah-ka-hahn-ah) from the Hawai’ian words keaka and hahana, which mean “shadow/essence” and “hot”

Kupuna: (Koo-poo-nah) A term of highest respect for a grandparent-figure who passes on Hawai’ian culture.

Kryos: (KREE-ohs) from the Greek word Krýos, for “cold.”

Magari: (Mah-GAR-ee) from the Greek word Margaritari, which means “pearl.”

Makole: (Mah-COH-lay) from the ancient Hawai’ian word Mākole, which means “red-eyed.”

Manu-o-Kū: A species of bird (white tern). Means “Bird of Kū.” Kū is the Hawai’ian god of war.

Paku: (PAH-koo) Hawai’ian word for “veil.”

Pankyra: (Pan-KAI-rah) from the Greek words ankyra and polis, which mean “anchor” and “city.”

Pola: (POH-la) from an old Greek word for “crown.”

Ridion: (RID-ee-en) from the ancient Greek word Encheiridion, which is a special kind of war dagger.

Sideron: (SID-er-on) from the Greek word sidero, which means “iron/anchor.”

And lastly, Haelo: (Hay-loh) From the Latin name “Halo,” which means having a blessed aura. Though if I’m being honest, was serendipitous. Because when I started this story, I’d thought I’d made it up.