A chapter list and work-in-progress “soundtrack.” For scene visuals, check out this Pinterest board.

Track 1 (ROCKETEER) – Haelo diving, flying through the water. [chp. 1]

Track 2 (WALK THIS WAY) – Walking onto Loma Heights highschool campus. [chp. 2]  

Track 3 (GIVES YOU HELL) – After Haelo/King break-up. Haelo’s brief feelings toward King. [chp. 4]

Track 4 (SOMETHING BIG) – Haelo beginning to realize there is something going on and she’s been kept out of the loop. [chp. 5]

Track 5 (GOODBYE MOTHER GOOSE) – Her last day of life as she knew it. Preparing for Aaram’s secret, then realizing that childhood is over. [chp. 6]

Track 6 (CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS: AQUARIUM)– Hearing, processing her future and her people. [chp. 6]

Track 7 (HEY BROTHER) – Haelo and Neo. Neo wanting to help. [chp. 6 & 7]

Track 8 (STORM COMIN’) – Falling asleep in the hammock, feeling as if a life storm is coming. [chp. 9]

Track 9 (THUNDERSTRUCK) – Karch is coming. Preparing to flee. [chp. 9]

Track 10 (PANAMA) – Leaving San Diego. [chp. 10]

Track 11 (WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE) – Haelo’s chaotic thoughts, leaving life with Aaram behind, headed toward an unknown. [chp. 10, 11]

Track 12 (MESSA DA REQUIEM: DIES IRAE) – Dream, memory of the battle from her childhood. Not quite the track I’m looking for, but this is an okay placeholder for now. [chp. 12]

Track 13 (FIRST DAY OF MY LIFE) – Waking from her dream. Safe in Dagger’s Alaskan valley. [chp. 13]

Track 14 (YOU’LL BE IN MY HEART: ACOUSTIC INSTRUMENTAL) – Safe with Dagger. Diving through the ice, feeling for animal auras, watching the Northern Lights. [chp. 13]

Track 15 (SAIL) – Stalking the Coast Guard Base’s hallways with Dagger in lethal bodyguard mode. Then, blind-sided by Sam’s involvement. Taking-off through the storm twoards Athens. [chp. 14 & 15] 

Track 16 (LET HER GO) – Dagger realizing how their dynamic is going to change when they land. Seeing her meet Griffin. [chp. 15, 16]

Track 16 (MASQUERADE SUITE: WALTZ) – Approaching the doors to the dinner party just after Griffin’s proposal. [chp. 17]

Track 18 (BEYOND THE SEA) – After the engagement dinner party. Playing in the background while Haelo is talking with Dagger on the balcony during after-dinner cocktails. [chp. 17]

Track 19 (SOMETHING BIG) Reprise – Haelo’s final discovery. Knowing she’s leaving Pankyra to find the truth. Her future is uncertain, but she feels it in her soul that something big is happening . . . . [chp. 18]