Fan Fic

ZETA REPORT, a Candeon Heirs short story written by Tyson Abaroa.

A Recon Marine’s life is anything but routine. When Corporal Jim Butler’s covert mission in Syria includes aiding a secretive woman mercenary, his life is altered. Now Jim finds himself on the front lines of a conflict involving a secret race of sea people. Follow him across the globe to Syria, Greece, Spain, and to a girl named Haelo in California as he tries to make sense of what lies in the shadows of the oceans.

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**Dearest readers. This short story was written with my knowledge and blessing. It’s a pretty awesome peek into what Krypteia special forces members might be doing on their missions. It’s from the perspective of a U.S. Marine and his interactions with Zeta, a candeon special forces operative. Fair warning, because of the circumstances of the story, it is subsequently more violent than Hiding Haelo. It does verge with events and scenes that happen in Hiding Haelo, so you don’t want to miss out! 

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